WhatsApp UPI Payments Feature Rolling Out In India

WhatsApp UPI Payments

Finally, WhatsApp has come with new interesting feature WhatsApp UPI Payments feature where People can transfer money from one Account to another Account direct Bank Account. Payment will be through the UPI (Integrated Payment Interface), but for now, it is only linked to the list of banks and the bank account, but this account is not about to be added. This indicates the final step of incorporating the WhatsApp payment system on the Android app.

Image Credit – Gizmotimes

The shortcut for payment appears in the list of attachments, galleries, audio, places, and contacts, along with the list of views. By tapping on “Payments” you can link your user account. If you have not already created a user account, then it must be done on the UPI app or on the bank’s website. The version number of payment option is different for both Android and iOS.

For iOS users, the version number v2.18.21 is enabled with the payment option. While this is only available for selected users on Android running version V2.18.41. Not everyone will see payment options because this is a server-side rollout. With the implementation of Whatsapp payment, it would be easy to deal with and encourage digital UP based payments in India. In July 2017, Whatsapp was approved to integrate the UPI. We will examine the payment feature, and once it becomes capable and rolls for everyone, we will tell you.



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