How To Get Rid Of Android Battery Performance

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How To Get Rid Of Android Battery Performance

Smartphones have become a necessity in our life. Whether you book a cab or order a pizza, you pick up your smartphone and do it. No matter how costly your Android phone is, your smartphone’s battery will eventually drain. Well, this issue can’t be fixed but you can procrastinate the battery drainage by following some steps.

So, without further delay, let’s look at the list of things that you need to do in order to optimize battery drainage.

Isn’t it our habit to switch Off lights whenever you walk out of your room? Then why not, do it with your smartphone! It is advised to turn off some of the features to save battery. Let’s look at them :

Connectivity features

We understand the internet is everything. Whether you use your smartphone for business purposes or you use it to be on social media apps, you use the internet. However, turning off the Wifi, mobile data, location or Bluetooth, when not in use, will not only save your battery but also your data pack. So All you need to do is turn off the Wifi or mobile data when not in use.

In desperate times, you can also turn on Airplane Mode to save battery and shut down all the background processes related to your network.

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Shut down vibration

Sure it is good when you are in a crowded place and want to get notifications. However not every time, you want your phone to vibrate and announce that you have got a notification. So that you know, it is not a magical process with which you get vibration alert. Every time your phone generates vibration, your device has to spin a vibration motor. Hence, it drains the battery so to turn off the vibration when not needed will certainly reduce the battery consumption.

Cut back on notifications

Well, you don’t want notifications of every app on your phone. It is not necessary to allow your apps to sync data automatically. You can save a good amount of power by choosing to do it manually or setting a limit to auto sync to the apps the data they really need.

Use the internet efficiently

Most of us use internet on our mobile devices but if we use it intelligently, there are benefits of all kinds. not only will it save your data plan and your money but also improves your device and battery’s performance. It is wiser to use Wifi when you are in its range as it uses lesser battery than mobile data. Although, you still turn off the Wifi receptor when you are not using it. As your smartphone is bound to look for an available connection which takes a toll on your battery life.

Go For Ad-free apps

We know there are a lot of tempting apps on App Store or Play store but that doesn’t mean that you have to download an app which havocs your device with ads. You always get to know whether an app will show you ads or not on the app description page. Try and avoid downloading apps with ads in it, if you like that app then buy a premium version of the app or find an alternative to it. As displaying ads not only annoys you but also drains your battery.

Dim Your Brightness

It is understandable that you need Brightness on your phone’s screen at the time of day but you certainly don’t need a dazzling screen after sunset. It is advised to tone it back or use auto brightness to let your phone adjust according to the surroundings.

Install Battery Saving Apps

Battery Saving Apps are one of the most efficient ways to manage the usage of battery and save it. Some of the best battery Saver apps are Amplify, Greenify, Gsam Battery Monitor. Well, the list doesn’t end here, you can search other best battery saver apps for Android on Google Play Store. These apps help you to control your device be it alarms, notifications, apps and other services. Moreover, the aim of these apps is to stop wakelock of the device to save battery on your phone.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can save your battery from getting drained faster. Try them and let us know what do you think?


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