Redmi Note 4 Hidden Features You Don’t Know

Redmi Note 4 Hidden Features
Redmi Note 4 Hidden Features

Mi Note 4 Hidden Features

Last Month Mi note 4 released. This phones comes with best features in this price segments. MIUI 8 comes with best features and some unknown features.

Here we find some features that all public don’t know but techy persons know that. Here we find features of this phones.

1. Dual Apps

For those persons who want two accounts in all social media. These feature is useful for that persons.

2. Enter fast boot and recovery mode

In order to enter fast boot mode, press power and volume down button simultaneously till you see the MIUI Fastboot logo. On the other hand, if you want to enter recovery mode, press Power, and Volume Up button simultaneously.

3. Record Calls Automatically

There are many apps for recording but this time Mi inbuilt this feature.

4. Shake to arrange icons

Sometimes we all get irritated when there are apps on the display screen getting arranged randomly after installation. With this new Shake to rearrange feature, you can rearrange messy icons in order.

5. Long screen shot

With MIUI 8, the company took the screenshot feature to the whole new level. Now you can take a long screen shot of your chat/web page, just by scrolling at one go. First, take a screen shot by pressing Volume down + power button.

6. Hide messaging & files

Known for its customization, MIUI has a feature to hide message and file within its default app. In order to open it, swipe the screen downwards till the private section appears. Now select the files/message, which you want to hide and tap on the hide option below. It’s worth mentioning that you can protect it by setting the password as well.

7. Scheduled SMS

Another noteworthy feature in MIUI 8 is the ability to schedule your SMS on time. In order to do this, open a new conversation page in the messaging app and tap on “+” on the left side. Now select “Timed” option and schedule it whenever you want.

8. Power Key to Hang Up

There are more than one way to hang up your call on MIUI 8. In this edition, you can hang up the call just by pressing the power button instantly. In order to enable this feature, you need to go to System Settings >> Additional Settings >> Accessibility >> Turn on the “Power button ends call” switch.

9. App Lock
Now you can apply lock separately on the Security Menu for selected apps. Tap the app lock option on the Security menu -> select the apps you want to lock -> Set the password. With this feature, you can either lock the apps separately or at one go.

10. Quick Ball feature

You can enable this setting by heading to Settings -> Additional settings -> Quick ball -> Turn on quick ball. You can also customize the options as well.


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