How To Make A Spy Device From Your Phone


Always wanted to spy on someone but wondering how? Well, now you can as there are several monitoring applications available. If you wish to track the location of your workers or you want to keep a check on your child, you can do so by using such apps. Nowadays, it is pretty easy for your child to fall into the company of bad people. If they get involved in anti-social activities, you need to know first so that you can avoid any serious problem. You are not invading the privacy of your child, but looking out for him/her. To guide him/her in the right direction, you can use this kind of applications so that you can take care of him/her. Also, these applications can be used to keep track of your co-workers. If you are an employer, you need to know more about your employees. Whether they are loyal to your company or not, you need to find it out. If you use these applications, it will be easier for you to check their dedication towards their work.

You can use these applications on Android phones and get amazing results. You can also make yourself invisible, and thus, no one can guess that you are spying on him/her. There is a customer support group which will answer all your queries 24/7. These apps usually work on Android devices from version 4 to version 6.

How To Use This App

  • Step one:

You have to sign up and then create your account. You will just need an active email address and a password to begin.

  • Step two:

You have to install snoopza phonespy on the phone of your target. Whether it is your kid or your co-worker, you can use it on anyone. It only takes a few seconds to try programm snoopza.

  • Step three:

This is the final step where you have to log in to your account. By doing this, you can get access to your target’s emails, photos, messages, etc.


  1. Track calls

Such applications help you to track your target’s calls easily. Whether it is incoming or outgoing, you can keep track of everything. It helps you to record and listen to their conversations as well.

  1. Manage messages

Such applications help to keep track of the messages. It will help you to record and read the sms and mms of your target.

  1. Track location

If you want to keep track of where your target is at any given point of time, then you can use such applications. This application helps you to know the location of your target’s phone or SIM card. This can be done by using the geolocation feature in such applications.

  1. Track activities on Facebook

If you are worried about your child, then you can track their activities on Social media platforms such as Facebook. You can know about the messages or audio or video files your child is sending to someone else.

  1. Track activities on Whatsapp

Whatever files or messages your target is getting or sending, can be opened by you if you use such applications. You can do so without being noticed by anyone.

  1. Track browser history

You will have direct access to your target’s browser history. Whatever websites that is being viewed and saved by him, will be visible to you.

  1. Track Camera activities

One of the unique features includes taking a screenshot or picture as soon as your target opens his/her phone. This photo will be directly sent to you. It helps you to create various screenshots and know a lot about your target.

  1. Check Contact list

This kind of spy application helps you to know about the contact list of your target. You can even save the numbers on your phone.

  1. SIM Card change

Even if your target changes his or her SIM, you will be notified about it.

So what are you waiting for? These applications can be pretty useful for you. Whether you want to keep an eye on your partner or you want to look out for your kid, this is the best way to do so. Download today and become a private investigator yourself.


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