Mac Data Recovery using EaseUS Wizard

Mac Data Recovery

Losing your Important Data from your Mac is the most Frustrating Thing. Whether It was Accidentally Deleted or Formatted Away. Most of the Time, Recovery of Such Lost Data requires a Lot Of Time, Money and knowledge. The Solution To avoid Such Loss is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Which makes Mac Data Recovery Easy as eating a cupcake.

EaseUS is One of The Most Professional Data Recovery Software For Mac. It allows you to Re-access the Accidental Deleted Files Easily. It works in every Disaster Recovery Situation Flawlessly across multiple drive formats. It recovers data from USB Storage, Hard Drives, memory cards and more. It works with both basic and Dynamic Disks. It can even Recover the Data even if It is emptied from Recycle Bin, recover data due to format, lost partition, system crash, virus attack.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software Can Recover Maximum 2 GB of Data with Free Version. So, If you have to Recover Less Data Then You can use The Free Version. You need to Buy the Full Licence to Recover more than 2 GB Data. EaseUS Data Recovery has an Ability to create a Disk Image of any Corrupted file. You can then work with the Disk Image instead of the Original Drive. It leads to
No chance of Corrupting Your Valuable Data.

Why Use EaseUS?

• Easy To Use- The Most Advantage of Using This Software is the Step-by-Step Easy Procedure it offers. It’s as Easy as Eating a Cupcake. All you need to know is the Name of your File that you want to Retrieve. Just Enter the name of the file. The Software Will Start Searching For it Automatically. The Process is so simplified that Anyone can Use it.

• Accuracy: It is very Accurate. It Processes the Results of Your Search and Starts Recovering with a single Click. It Recovers The same File which was demanded by the User.

• Preview Before Recovery- Before Recovering The Corrupted file, You can actually Preview the Results. That way, if you have Misidentified What you want, it makes it easier to go back and change the file. This
Is a really good advantage of this Software as you can get the Right Files back for Your Recovery Effort.

• Price: You can Stick to the Free Version if you want to Recover Less than 2 GB of Data. Of course,You can Buy the Licence Version, If you want to use the Software for a long time, Recover More Data and Access Premium Features.

There are 3 Different Editions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

• Data Recovery Wizard Free

• Data Recovery Wizard Pro

• Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE

You can Recover limited 2 GB Data using the Free Software. Paid ones don’t have any Limit of Recovering. You also get some additional Features like Lifetime Technical Support and some more Premium features. There are some of the Good Reasons to Have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Mac. You can Subscribe to the Newsletter for more Tech Brewed Content.


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