Instagram Update Adds save live videos for Android and iOS


Instagram Update Adds save live videos for Android and iOS – Instagram rolled out new save live videos feature for android and iOS. Instagram has decided to make its app available in the latest version because the option to save live video should be at the top of the list. If you are using Instagram, you might want to know that the new feature is a part of the 10.12 version, which has already been uploaded to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Starting today, the option of saving live video on any compatible Android or iOS smartphone can be used at the end of the broadcast. As soon as the broadcast ends, the new feature can be enabled as soon as the save in the upper right corner.

However, developers mention that when you can save your live video, comments, likes, viewers, or any live interactions will not be saved. You can find your saved live video in the roll of the camera, so do not find it in the Instagram app after tapping. According to Instagram, this is just one of the many new features and improvements that will be added to the live video feature this year.


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