How to watch movies unblocked at school?


Movies are the supreme entertainment source for many people. But most of the movie websites are blocked in schools and offices. Due to this students cannot access any movie content on the internet. You cannot watch movies on YouTube or Netflix! Few students love to chill out themselves watching movies during a boring lesson or at least in break times. We have made a list of websites which are unblocked at schools and so you can stream movies during the school time or office hours. These websites are the sources of popular unblocked movies you can watch in schools or offices.Also checkout free movies sites.


As the name suggests, you can find many high definitions unblocked movies on HDPopcorns. It is a significant option to stream free unblocked movies at schools. There are thousands of unblocked full-length movies on this website. There are also subtitles available for foreign language films. There are a number of latest TV shows and old classics in high definition on this website.

Tubi TV

It’s a popular website among the students’ communities because of their large collection of unblocked movies. Users must register first to access the TV shows and unblocked movies on Tubi TV. Their interface is very clean and cinematic. You cannot stream movies on Tubi TV if you are using ad and pop up blockers on Tubi TV. Deactivate ad blocker to stream movies on this website. It just shows one or to two popups when you click the movie links.


It’s another website just like Tubi TV where you can stream hundreds of unblocked movies. Putlocker is very user-friendly. Just type your favorite TV show or movie name in the search box. Their interface is similar to Netflix. You’ll surely enjoy movie streaming experience in Putlocker.

Movie Crib

Movie Crib is another unblocked free movie streaming option, especially if you want to watch quality movies. It has got a very powerful community where the audience share number of free movies. You can watch unblocked movies for free at offices and schools using Movie Crib. It is very easy to upload movies on Movie Crib. You can just share the movie with an audience of your choice. You can put the movies in private mode. Movie Crib has got a huge collection of new movies. If you are a movie buff you would definitely love watching movies in Movie Crib during your office or school hours.


SolarMovie is just as an alternative to Putlocker. Solar Movie has got a number of unblocked movies in various genres and languages. There are also many animated movies on SolarMovie. Many old movies are listed on SolarMovie for free streaming. You can find many new arrivals in high definition on this website. The best thing about SolarMovie is that there is very less number of advertisements and almost no popup ads. You feel very comfortable to stream movies on this website.

So, these are some of the websites which help you to stream unblocked movies during your school hours. You can browse all of them to find your favorite movies. We hope you find your favorite movies in at least one of the above websites. However, it is not recommended to watch movies for long hours during the school. You may be punished or detained if your teachers or school authorities see you watching the movies. Moreover, you would get really bad grades if you do not concentrate on lessons. You can watch movies for some time for fun. Watch movies with your friends during the break time. Concentrate on studies and watch movies for relaxation during the spare time.


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