Folder Lock Android App Review – How it has changed my digital life?

Folder Lock Android App Review

Folder Lock Android App Review

Folder Lock:

Folder Lock is an improved file locking android app that lets you lock files, encrypt folders, secure backup, password wallets and more.

Keeping folders protected:

Before folder lock, my life was a mess as nothing was in order and everything was out of my control. I was unable to keep records of photos, videos, documents, presentations, notes and more. But once I started using Folder Lock, life became a lot easier. For example, I created a folder of songs in 2011 and I’m happy to say that I still have it. These songs are part of my childhood and I listen to them whenever I get the chance. I’ve saved this folder using Folder Lock’s secure backup option where you may backup your data to recover later in case of data loss.

Lock Presentations and documents:

Creating creative presentations is one task, protecting and managing them is another task. Whatever work we create using MS office is not guaranteed to stay safe under ordinary protection. Many companies have their data stored in MS Excel and losing them would be a terrible site. At this situation, Folder Lock lets you maintain the bulletproof security of your data using its ‘Locking Folder’ feature. Also, you may create a backup of your file on any of the cloud account such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Account and One Drive.

Encrypted Lockers:

Folder Lock lets you create and use encrypted lockers. The most genuine concept of these lockers is that these lockers are protected with AES 256-bit-encryption. (Encryption that till date hasn’t been breached) The creators themselves have claimed that nobody has the ability to break the code of their encryption even if the whole world tries to do so at the same time. That is something one may rely upon. You’re not bound to encrypt or decrypt the files when accessing; simply copy them to the Locker and that’s it! they are encrypted on-the-fly.


Create and use as many wallets as you want without any limitation. These wallets are used for storing information related to banking details, transactions, account number(s) and more. It is a needy feature that comes handy at many times.

Shred them files:

But not everything is supposed to be saved, is it? We create something that is used to of value to us in the past but doesn’t have any importance in the present. We simply want to get rid of such data as we fear that if someone gains access to those files, it would mean trouble for you. Hence, you opt for the deleting option. (But doing so isn’t so easy) The ordinary file deletion is not a permanent solution. Even if you empty your recycle bin doesn’t bring any joy as the files can be easily recovered through multiple means. Hence, Folder  Lock lets you shred all those unnecessary files that you no longer need and reduce any risk that may exist of data being manipulated by the prying eyes behind your back.

All in all, Folder Lock is also available in desktop version and is truly reliable software that works well to satisfy the needs of the not-so-tech-savvy users. It has advanced features, adequate interface and widely accepted user-friendliness.

Download folder lock from Google PlayStore here

Folder Lock
Folder Lock
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