Download TweakBox App – Best 3rd Party app installer

Download TweakBox App

Tweakbox is the amazing alternative to blackmart for the ios a dapple device. It is especially a great app for iphone as it does not need you to jailbreak your mobile which most of the users are really scared off. 

This tweak box app helps you to install Cydia and other apps which are not readily available on the app store of the Apple devices. All apps downloaded through Tweakbox are absolutely safe and secure to use So you don’t have to worry about getting your device infected or hacked. 

Tweakbox app for Android Phones

TweakBox is app installer for iOS devices, but it also works on Android mobiles. You can install the App just by downloading the APK file if it. So to help you guys out I am sharing a guide to Download Tweakbox APK for Android devices.

Features of Tweakbox App

Tweakbox has following five categories and you can easily understand the reason for the division of the same;

  1. Flash Apps: These are those Apps that are Not available to download from the app store.
  2. AppStore Apps: These are the Paid App store apps which you can download for Free
  3. TweakBox Apps: Amazing Apps to download not available anywhere else
  4. Tweaked Apps: Here you will find the modded versions of your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and will have more features than original apps.
  5. Hacked Games: This section is to download games with unlimited Coins or Gems.

How to Download TweakBox APK for Android

Here are the steps you need to follow if you wish to download TweakBox APK for Android. It is quite an easy process and wont take much time so lets continue towards those steps now and download the Tweakbox apk.

  1. ENABLE UNKNOWN SOURCES: First and foremost step towards installing any app is that you will need to enable Unknown sources Installation on your phone. In order to do so follow these steps; Go to Settings >> Security >> Toggle On Unknown Sources
  2. After enabling the Unknown Sources, you need to download TweakBox Apk file. The apk file can be found here.
  3. Once the apk file has been downloaded, you need just double tap on the file to begin its installation.
  4. Now the file will begin to be installed. It may take 1 minute or so, just wait
  5. Once the apk is installed, then you can easily find Tweakbox app icon in the menu of your phone.
  6. Now just Launch the app and enjoy using it.


So we have given you the full method by which you can download TweakBox for your android device and access variety of free apps and modded games. I am pretty sure you would have found this guide helpful and it must have provided you quality information and it must have helped you also. So we just wish you share our article with your friends. Thanks a lot and for any query just comment below.


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