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Download MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X

Download MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X

Download MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X – Hello Everybody, Good news for Redmi 4X users. Now You can download & Install MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X. Here we provide a download link to MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X. Before The company released the MIUI 9 Beta ROM and now Xiaomi starts rolling out the MIUI 9 Stable ROM for Redmi 4X. This ROM is China Stable, So we expecting the MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM for Redmi 4X soon.

The new MIUI 9 Update include features such as Image Search, Smart Assistant, Smart App Launcher, and Performance Enhancements. MIUI 9 Global ROM will be rollout soon. If you want to try new ROM on your Redmi 4x then here we have MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X. So check out on links to download MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X.

MIUI Features and Changelogs

  • MIUI9 Lightning fast
  • New icons
  1. Deep-level system optimizations
  2. Smart app launcher
  3. Home screen assistant
  4. Added improved image search
  5. Introducing Split screen
  6. Simpler Home screen editing
  7. Smart notifications filter
  8. Shortcuts for frequently used features on the left side of the Lock screen
  9. Improved readability for the start page of Messaging
  10. Revamped and simplified 50+ features
  11. Introducing MIUI Labs
  12. Image search and Smart app launcher are turned on in MIUI Labs
  13. (Turn the filter for notifications on and off in the Settings.)
  • Lock screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
  1. New – Notifications filter can be turned on and off using a switch in the Settings (08-15)
  2. Optimization – Lock screen lights up faster now (06-27)
  3. Optimization – Black and white fonts switch faster in the Notification shade (07-18)
  4. Optimization – Adjusted icons for CDMA signal (08-15)
  5. Optimization – No sound and vibration for unimportant notifications (08-30)
  6. Optimization – Carrier name can be hidden now (09-01)
  7. Optimization – Swiping options are available after turning off the notifications filter (09-27)
  8. Fix – Brightness bar wasn’t displayed in its position (05-09)
  9. Fix – A white bar appeared in the Notification shade (05-09)
  10. Fix – Lock screen wallpaper wasn’t shown in some cases (05-23)
  11. Fix – Wallpaper Carousel description appeared every time the Lock screen was tapped (06-06)
  12. Fix – Errors with the Weather widget (08-15)
  13. Fix – Frame rate issues with the animations in the Notification shade (08-25)
  14. Fix – Clock issues on the default Home screen and Lock screen in Demo mode (09-20)
  15. Fix – Screen didn’t light up for the SMS notifications (09-27)
  16. Delete – Battery charging info on the Lock screen (08-25)
  • Home screen
  1. New – Animated icons for selected apps in the default theme (09-01)
  2. Optimization – RAM info isn’t shown in Recents by default. Go to Settings > Home screen & Recents to turn it on. (05-09)
  3. Optimization – Animation for clearing cache (05-09)
  4. Optimization – Adjusted the button for clearing memory in Recents (05-16)
  5. Optimization – Home screen loads faster now (06-27)
  6. Optimization – Swipe animation effects (07-10)
  7. Optimization – Swipe response and animations (07-10)
  8. Optimization – Home screen loading animation (07-10)
  9. Optimization – Users can set their main Home screen in the editing mode (08-29)
  10. Optimization – New animation for launching and closing apps (09-01)
  11. Fix – Couldn’t close Recents in some cases (05-09)
  12. Fix – Issues with icon size for Clock, Calendar, and Weather (05-16)
  13. Fix – Home screen icon wasn’t displayed properly (05-23)
  14. Fix – Cleaner shortcut didn’t work (05-23)
  15. Fix – Home screen loaded slowly after a reboot (06-07)
  16. Fix – Wrong weather info was shown on the default clock widget (08-15)
  • Themes
  1. Optimization – Redesigned home page (08-24)
  • Settings
  1. Optimization – One-handed mode is off by default. You can turn it back on in the Settings. (07-11)
  • Market
  1. New – Hide the app recommendations which were displayed on the screen for updating apps (05-23)
  2. Optimization – Algorithms for app usage info displayed on the screen for uninstalling apps (05-11)
  3. Optimization – Improved the process of downloading apps (05-23)
  4. Optimization – New layout for Updater (05-23)
  5. Optimization – Receive notification about insufficient storage space before installing apps (07-13)
  6. Optimization – Loading animations for App store (09-29)
  7. Fix – Tapping the blank area of Recents brought the users back to Home screen (08-25)
  8. Fix – Response issues (08-25)
  9. Fix – Issues with opening Recents by tapping the Menu button (08-29)
  • Mi Account
  1. New – Simplified the processes of creating an account and signing in (08-08)

Download MIUI Stable ROM for Redmi 4X

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