Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Best Ad Blocker Apps

While Exploring the Web, Surfing Websites and Using Applications you may see a lot of Advertisements. These Advertisements Sometimes becomes Really annoying for most of us. You can install Adblocker Plugin on Windows/Mac to enjoy Ad-Free Browsing. Unfortunately, Such Technology isn’t available for Android Platform Till Yet. Then How can You Block ads On your Android Phone? Well, The Answer to This Question is Ad Blocker. There are lots of adblock android available on Google Play Store. Today, We will have a look at the Best Ad Blocker apps for Android:

1) AdBlock Plus:

Adblock Plus is a 100% Open source Ad Blocking Application for a smartphone. It means that it is free from any type of viruses. It allows you to Block Ads while Surfing the Web. Although It Does not removes ads from Applications. The User Interface of this Application is really Good and Simple. One of the Best features it offers is Disable Tracking. By Disable Tracking, You can explore the Web anonymously. No one will be able to scan your Location and Information. This Application Is Available for both Android and iOS Platforms.

2) Ad Guard

Ad Guard Consumes a Lot of Battery from your Smartphone. It also comes with Disable Tracking Feature. Ad Guard Speeds up the Loading Time of any website. It is made for Fast Browsing as It helps in disabling the Ad’s and Speeding up the Loading time. This Application works only with Yandex and Samsung Browser. This Application is available for both Android and IOS Platforms.

3) Opera Browser

Opera Browser is a well-known Browser for Smartphone Users. In the Installation Process of Opera Browser, You are asked to Choose between Ad-Friendly or Ad Based Browsing Experience. You can also use this Application as your Primary Browser to access Web. There is a Data Saving Mode available in the application. This Mode helps you to save your Precious Data. This browser also comes with Fast Loading of Web Pages. Opera Browser is available for both Android and IOS Platforms.

4) CM Browser

CM Browser is Especially made to solve the Problems which you face while surfing the Internet. It Blocks all Types of Popup Ads and makes the User Interface Clear and Crisp. It allows you to access Incognito Mode. You can browse the Internet anonymously with the Help of this mode. It has an inbuilt Translator which supports more than 40 Languages. CM Browser also Protects You from Potentially Malicious Websites. It is available for both Android and IOS Platforms.

This was our List of the Best AD Blocker Applications for your smartphone. You can subscribe to our Newsletter for more such Tech Brewed Content.


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