20 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts U Don’t Know

20 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts
20 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Ctrl + 1 (Tab Number) :- To select open tabs, ie, if your computer has a tab open, click Use to open the first tab Ctrl + 1, the second tab open to Ctrl + 2 shortcut key (Key).
  2. Ctrl + 9: This command will take you to the last tab in the browser, then it is the second tab to tab number 10.
  3. Ctrl + Tab: This can go on to the next tab. This command will take you to the last tab in the browser when you inflict on the first tab.
  4. Ctrl + Shift + Tab: This shortcut lets you inflict on the next tab to the current tab.
  5. Ctrl + Page Up and Ctrl + Page Down: This command both the first and last tab, you can go to the browser.
  6. Ctrl + W and Ctrl + F4: This shortcut you’ll be on the browser tab can be closed (Close).
  7. Ctrl + Shift + T: In this command, you can finally stop the riopana tab.
  8. Ctrl + T: This shortcut is to open a new tab on the browser.
  9. Ctrl + N: The command you can open a new browser window.
  10. Alt + F4: This shortcut you can open the window. If you have multiple browser windows open you can close the window.
  11. F5: Page Reload
  12. Alt + Left by Arrow, Backspace: the To the go With back page Submitting verb In the tab for open office.
  13. Alt + Shift + Arrow on Right Backspace: the To the go verb In the page Submitting on page click Next In the tab for open office
  14. Escape the: the To stop doing that
  15. Alt +, Home for: the go verb Home for the Page
  16. F11: shareware with full-the screen of mode.
  17. Ctrl +Mouse wheel Up games: the browser on numerous major verb.
  18. Home : verb arrive In the page Submitting At början
  19. Ctrl + Enter: On This command on the verb The type doesn’t not need to and the www In the In the verb in the .com name is any website
  20. Space at the Shift +, or the Page Up games: the To scroll followup.


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